If you are anything like me, you are busy. I feel like I am always going somewhere to something, and usually, it seems like I am meeting myself in the hallway. A full schedule means that you have to be intentional about consuming good material. There is not enough time to read and listen to everything. So, I want to share with you some of the most helpful podcasts that I listen to regularly as a pastor. In no particular order, here are five podcasts that I recommend to you:

    1. Church for the Rest of Us – This podcast is a ministry of the Family Church Network, which is led by Jimmy Scroggins. I find this podcast helpful because it equips me to think through strategic issues related to church health without requiring hundreds of staff members and millions of dollars. The focus is helping everyday churches fulfill the Great Commission by reasonable, faithful, and supernatural means.
    2. EST. – for the established Church – EST is hosted by Sam Rainer, Micah Fries, and Josh King. All three of these men led established churches in the Southern Baptist Convention. Practical and biblically-sound wisdom fill each episode, which typically deals with a matter or issues that established churches face on a regular basis.
    3. For Our City – For Our City is a new podcast by my friend, Daryl Crouch. This podcast is for people who love their city, care about serving others, and want to see the kingdom of God advanced through the ministry of the church. Daryl is helping pastors move past the attractional models of ministry to embrace the mission of God beyond the wall of the church building. I highly recommend this promising new podcast!
    4. The Briefing – When I am getting ready for work and driving to the office, you can rest assured that I am listening to The Briefing by Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. As the description of the podcast states,  Dr. Mohler offers “Daily Worldview Analysis about the Leading News Headlines and Cultural Conversations.” If you want to stay informed on important issues from a Christian worldview, then look no further than The Briefing.
    5. Capitol Conversations – I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with political issues that have significance for the church of Jesus Christ. If you are a busy pastor, it is difficult to sift through the important issues that your people are facing on a political front. When in doubt, check out the ERLC’s Capitol Conversations podcast. The format of the podcast is a conversation between Matt Hawkins, Travis Wussow, and Steven Harris of the ERLC’s D.C. office. These men are great models for how we should think critically about cultural engagement with the gospel of Christ.

While I still listen to other podcasts, these five podcasts are the ones that I have been listening to most faithfully over the past few months. What are the podcasts that you listen to regularly? Leave a comment or send me an email. I would love to hear about your favorite podcasts!