The prophetic ministry of Haggai took place in the post-exilic life of the people of Judah that had been delivered from Babylonian captivity by the hand of the Persian empire. The people of Judah found themselves back in the land of Jerusalem rebuilding their former life. It is in this context that Haggai speaks the word of the Lord in verse seven of chapter one saying, “Thus says the LORD of host: Consider your ways.”

For the most part, everything seemed like it was going well, but the people of Judah had failed in the most important area of life: the worship of their God. Instead of immediately beginning work on the temple, which was the place of their worship, they focused on building their own dwellings. This is why the LORD says, “Consider your ways.” Instead of prioritizing the worship of their Redeemer, they concerned themselves with their own ways.

In many ways, the modern church and professing Christians are guilty of the same thing as the people of Judah. Instead of concerning themselves with the advancement of the kingdom of God, they concern themselves with the building of “bigger barns and bigger building” for their accumulation of mammon. They rationalize that, “Now is not the time to be concerned with the worship of our God.” ¬†Yet, God continues to call through the prophet Haggai, “Consider your ways.”

God wants to be the priority of our lives, because He alone is worthy of such prioritization. Our greatest concern should be His will and His way for our lives as revealed in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Therefore, as we resolve to commit our ways to the LORD, let us give serious thought and consideration to what is of ultimate value, namely, the worship of our glorious God as revealed in the face of Jesus Christ.