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Resource Tuesday – Currently Reading (October 17th, 2017)

I am always looking for resources that will help me fulfill my purpose in life. My purpose is to glorify God the Father by making disciples of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is why I exist on this earth. If glorifying God through disciplemaking is my purpose, then I want to take advantage of every resource that will make me a better disciple-maker. So, here are five books that I am currently reading to help…

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Resource Tuesday – Covenant and Commandment by Bradley G. Green

As the 33rd volume of the New Studies in Biblical Theology series, Bradley G. Green’s Covenant and Commandment – Works, Obedience and Faithfulness in the Christian Life tackles the question of the significance of Christian obedience in salvation. Green begins by outlining the debate, stating, “While evangelicals can generally agree that one enters into a covenant relationship with the God of the Bible by grace (even solely by grace) apart from works, there is often much more disagreement over how…

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Resource Tuesday – Bound for the Promised Land by Oren Martin

In chapter 1, on page 17, Martin writes, “The aim of the present study is to demonstrate that the land promised to Abraham advances the place of the kingdom that was lost in Eden and serves as a type throughout Israel’s history that anticipates the even greater land – prepared for all of God’s people throughout history – that will calm as a result of the person and work of Christ.” In short, he states, “The land and its blessings…

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Resource Tuesday – Leisure and Spirituality – Biblical, Historical, and Contemporary Perspectives

Heintzman’s book is unique. Admittedly, prior to reading this work, I was unaware of the entire field of leisure studies. Yet, having read the book, I am deeply intrigued and blessed to have been exposed to it in such a thorough work. In his introduction, the author sets the stage for the rest of the book. After briefly detailing the nature of work and leisure across generations, the author deftly addresses the possible problems and potential benefits of leisure. He…

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Resource Tuesday – The Happy Christian by David Murray

Murray begins his book by demonstrating the intrinsic relationship between faith and life. He states, “A positive faith produces a positive life; a negative faith, a negative life…We are what we think and believe.” Murray goes on to state that his purpose in the book is his readers to come away with a “positive faith and life.” At the center of Murray’s proposition is the “cross of Christ,” which he states, “graphically demonstrates how God can transform the most unimaginable…

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