Pastors, Jesus Isn’t Concerned with Your Platform

Good morning fellow pastor, I realize that Mondays can be tough on pastors. Social media can be particularly hard at times. Life outside the spotlight is the life most of us live as pastors. Few are called and asked to speak on the denominational platforms. Annual profiles will never be able to quantify the spiritual work that you are engaged in at your local church. Most of us live fairly invisible lives beyond on our communities. And brothers, that is…

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Plan Your Preaching for 2017

About twice a year, I set aside a few days in the week to plan my preaching calendar for the year. In addition to strategic planning, intentional long-term preaching planning provides many benefits for the church and the pastor. First, it assures that a pastor is rightly dividing the Word of God with balance and providing God’s people with the whole counsel of His Word. Pastors have a natural tendency to preach on their favorite topics/passages and avoid more difficult…

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