Should Parents Kiss Their Children?

So just yesterday, I was reading a story over at about an Instagram controversy over a mother kissing her three-year-old son on the lips. According to the story, this is not the first time that a celebrity parent has been criticized for kissing their children. The fact that a mother would be criticized for kissing her toddler on his lips is simply beyond me. To read that some considered her action as “gross” or “harmful” to her son is a…

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Jesus is Better than Your Bucket List

Before I die, I want to ______________. (Fill in the Blank) It is common to hear such expressions among Christians. We state, without much thought, that we hope that we get to do something or see something before we die. We call it our “bucket list,” which refers to the things that we want to do before we “kick the bucket.” The implication is that death will steal from us opportunities that we do not want to miss out on in this life. I understand this to a point, but I contend that…

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Is the Church Failing Those Impacted by Divorce?

The Study In a recent Washington Post article, entitled, “How Decades of Divorce Helped Erode Religion,” Julie Zauzmer discusses a new study from the Public Religion Research Institute, which addresses the growing exodus of Americans from organized religion. In the study, multiple causes for the religious exodus are considered, but Zauzmer picks up on the relationship between divorce and religious disaffiliation. Zauzmer writes, “People whose parents divorced when they were children are significantly more likely to grow up not to…

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Overcoming the Epidemic of Pornography Addiction

Introduction In his book, The Drug of the New Millennium, Mark Kastleman reports that nearly “50% of all Christian men and 20% of all Christian women are addicted to pornography.”[1] Given the fact that nearly 247 million US citizens claim to be Christian,[2] Kastleman’s claim should come as no surprise since the United States contributed nearly 14 billion dollars to the pornography industry in 2006.[3] To give the reader a perspective, Pastor Mark Driscoll says, “Christians are part of a…

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