Glory of God

Theology Thursday – Embracing the Wounded God

This reflection upon the suffering of Christ comes from D.A. Carson’s book, How Long, O Lord?: Reflections on Suffering and Evil: For Christians who see in the cross the most sublime expression both of God’s justice and his love, the cross is immensely reassuring. It was a sacrifice offered once for all time (Heb. 10:12); Christ, having died once, dies no more, and in that sense no longer participates in the sufferings of the cross. But that does not negate the…

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Justice and Mercy – Reflections on Joshua 6

This past Sunday, I preached on the Justice and Mercy of God from Joshua 6. For many, this passage simply details the fall of Jericho to the Israelite people. The storyline is somewhat common to those who have been in church a majority of their lives. God gives supernatural victory to the Israelites over an intimidating enemy. Without a doubt, this passage is one of the strongest examples of justice in the Old Testament. All “breathing” inhabitants of Jericho were…

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Glorifying God through Adoption

The other day I was in Target picking up some necessities when I encountered I very helpful female employee in the electronics section. After a brief moment of small talk, the topic of our conversation turned to the domestic adoption journey that Hannah and I recently embarked on. Many of you may know that we are currently on a long wait list for a daughter from Ethiopia, but few may know that in the past few weeks the LORD opened…

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