Should Parents Kiss Their Children?

So just yesterday, I was reading a story over at about an Instagram controversy over a mother kissing her three-year-old son on the lips. According to the story, this is not the first time that a celebrity parent has been criticized for kissing their children. The fact that a mother would be criticized for kissing her toddler on his lips is simply beyond me. To read that some considered her action as “gross” or “harmful” to her son is a…

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When Trials Come – Meditations on Ruth 1

What do you say, what do you do, when the trials and difficulties come upon you in tsunami-like proportions? How does one suffer well for the glory of God? Jesus said, “All who desire to live a godly life, will suffer!” It is a promise! How then do we cope “when trials come?” The book of Ruth serves the body of Christ as a wonderful resource for understanding and responding to the trials that come in this life. Setting the…

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Even So, Come LORD Jesus!

Today marks one year since my nephew Hayden passed away. He was fifteen years old. During worship this morning, I thought of him often, especially during the offering in music when two young adults played “How Great Is Our God” on the piano and violin. I was moved and provoked in the best of ways. I could not help but think about how the splendor of which I was thinking was at that very moment being beheld by my nephew,…

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