So Good to Be Home

The last month has been wild, but it has been good. After six years of waiting and working, Hannah and I were finally able to bring our daughter, Willow Elshaday, home to our family. My wife spent a week in Ethiopia fighting for our girl beforeĀ I joined her on the ground for another two weeks. We have never experienced anything like dealing with a foreign government like Ethiopia. My appreciation for the United States grew immensely while attempting to work…

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Would You Pray for Us?

In a few hours, my wife and I will leave for Dallas, TX. Hannah is headed to spend the night with her good friend, Rebekah Nicewander, before boarding a plane to Ethiopia on Sunday evening at 5:00 PM. Hannah is headed to Addis Ababa to make final preparations for our adoption. I will be leaving for Ethiopia a week from Monday (November 6th). This trip marks the end of a five-year journey to complete our international adoption. We have been…

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Glorifying God through Adoption

The other day I was in Target picking up some necessities when I encountered I very helpful female employee in the electronics section. After a brief moment of small talk, the topic of our conversation turned to the domestic adoption journey that Hannah and I recently embarked on. Many of you may know that we are currently on a long wait list for a daughter from Ethiopia, but few may know that in the past few weeks the LORD opened…

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