While I am fortunate to live only a few minutes from my church office, I still spend a fair amount of time in the car. I have found that time in the car does not have to be unfruitful. So, in order to help you redeem your drive time, I have compiled a list of audio resources that I believe will help you make better use of your time.

Personally, I use the Overcast app to organize my podcast. You can get it here for free.

Daily Podcast

  1. ESV M’Cheyne Reading Plan ( https://overcast.fm/+sEPIIvic )
  2. The Briefing by Albert Mohler ( https://overcast.fm/+F4tMt )
  3. The World and Everything In it by World Magazine ( https://overcast.fm/+BrwDS4w_Q )
  4. MSNBC Morning Joe ( https://overcast.fm/+ETQyd6sJE )

Preaching Podcast

  1. Exemplary Exposition by Dan Dumas ( https://overcast.fm/+DtIX9iYsk )
  2. Cutting It Straight by H.B. Charles Jr. ( https://overcast.fm/+ETQ_5b53Y )
  3. Truth for Life by Alistar Begg ( https://overcast.fm/+I_vaC74 )
  4. Love Worth Finding by Adrian Rogers ( https://overcast.fm/+B3pu6Btsk )
  5. Capitol Hill Baptist Church by Mark Dever ( https://overcast.fm/+F6VQI6co )

Theological/Cultural Podcast

  1. Mere Fidelty ( https://overcast.fm/+BvdgMHyY0 )
  2. Thinking in Public by Albert Mohler ( https://overcast.fm/+F5VZmCkg )
  3. Signpost by Russell Moore ( https://overcast.fm/+F3yOJN7T0 )
  4. The Gospel Coalition by TGC ( https://overcast.fm/+FxUyrjWg )
  5. The Way Home by Dan Darling ( https://overcast.fm/+ECezhKNYg )
  6. Canon and Culture by ERLC ( https://overcast.fm/+BfQJRIeJs )

For the Continued Renewal of Christ’s Church,