Would you like to read the Bible better? Do you want to have a better understanding of God’s Word? When you encounter the Scriptures, do you want to feel more competent when applying them to your life? Then why not host a Better Bible Reading seminar at your church this year?

Most church members and many pastors do not have the opportunity to receive a formal education in biblical interpretation. Yet, the ability to read, interpret, and apply the Bible is a crucial element for nurturing spiritual health in the life of the individual and the church. Followers of Christ should be equipped for the work of ministry themselves. They must learn to read the Bible, interpret the Bible, and apply the Bible in their Sunday school classes, small off-campus groups, and everyday relationships.

An Overview of the Better Bible Reading Seminar

To help others read their Bible better, Casey Hough has built a two-day seminar on biblical interpretation. The two-day seminar consists of ten, one-hour sessions (Three Sessions on Friday, Seven Sessions on Saturday) that walk the participants through the key elements of sound biblical interpretation. Each session includes 45 minutes of instruction with 15 minutes of Q&A at the end. Over the course of the seminar, participants will learn about the origin of the Bible, the reliability of the Bible, a brief history of the interpretation of the Bible, general principles for interpreting the Bible, and special principles for interpreting the different types of literature in the Bible. The seminar is also scalable, providing a range of discipleship opportunities for both large and small groups to participate with minimal preparation from the host.

This seminar is a “hands-on” seminar. Participants are expected to not only listen to the sessions but also complete the in-seminar exercises, ask questions, and commit to follow-up work with their church group. The goal is to get people started on the right track with accountability and fellowship in the context of the local church. This feature intends to help cultivate a culture of learning and spiritual growth in the church.

Are You Interested in Hosting or Attending a Seminar?

If you are interested in hosting or attending a seminar, here are a few steps that you can take:

  1. Communicate with Church Leaders – Your first step should be to contact the leaders in your church that make decisions about events and programming. They will need to determine how the Better Bible Reading Seminar best fits in the life of your church. If you would like to host the seminar in a different setting (a special seminar for your Sunday School class, a group of friends from various churches, etc.), then you can start with the next step.
  2. Contact Casey for Details regarding Potential Dates – The best way to contact Casey is through email (CaseyBHough@Gmail.com). Depending upon location, most seminars will be hosted on a Friday and a Saturday due to Casey’s ministry responsibilities at the First Baptist Church of Camden. Once you have communicated with Casey, a date will be set and the finer details of the event will be discussed with the event coordinators at the host church.
  3. Share this Information with Others – Hope for Life wants to see the church of Jesus Christ equipped for the work of ministry. While we hope to grow and be able to do more promotion, we are still very early on in the launch of this ministry. We need partners that will promote and support the work so that every church that desires this training will be able to receive it.

Thank you for taking the time to consider these details and for sharing them with others. If we can serve you in any way, please let us know!

In the Grace of Christ,

Hope for Life