Is the Sabbath a Creation Ordinance?

Is the Sabbath rooted in creation and therefore perpetually applicable to all people at all times in history? Dr. Thomas Schreiner provides a clear answer to this question, among many others, in his book, 40 Questions About Christians and/ Law (40 Questions & Answers Series). Here is an excerpt from that book regarding the question of whether the Sabbath is a creation ordinance: Some argue against what is defended here by appealing to the creation order. As noted above, the Sabbath…

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Consider Your Ways

The prophetic ministry of Haggai took place in the post-exilic life of the people of Judah that had been delivered from Babylonian captivity by the hand of the Persian empire. The people of Judah found themselves back in the land of Jerusalem rebuilding their former life. It is in this context that Haggai speaks the word of the Lord in verse seven of chapter one saying, “Thus says the LORD of host: Consider your ways.” For the most part, everything…

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