Better Bible Reading – A Two-Day Seminar on Biblical Interpretation

Would you like to read the Bible better? Do you want to have a better understanding of God’s Word? When you encounter the Scriptures, do you want to feel more competent when applying them to your life? Then why not host a Better Bible Reading seminar at your church this year? Most church members and many pastors do not have the opportunity to receive a formal education in biblical interpretation. Yet, the ability to read, interpret, and apply the Bible is…

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My Top 15 Reads in 2017

I have an insatiable appetite for reading. I read every day of every week. My vacation luggage always includes at least one full bag/briefcase of books. When I am traveling for long periods of time, I am listening to an audiobook. I love to consume good material. For my general reading, which does not include keeping up with current events, pop culture, news, academic research, or preaching preparation, I follow John R. W. Stott’s recommended reading plan of committing at least one…

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So Good to Be Home

The last month has been wild, but it has been good. After six years of waiting and working, Hannah and I were finally able to bring our daughter, Willow Elshaday, home to our family. My wife spent a week in Ethiopia fighting for our girl before I joined her on the ground for another two weeks. We have never experienced anything like dealing with a foreign government like Ethiopia. My appreciation for the United States grew immensely while attempting to work…

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